Saturday, June 11, 2011

Father's Day Gift - Candles

June 7th, 2011 Activity
Mark off in Faith in God:  Serving Others 
and Developing Talents

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(Hosted by Sister Canaday)

Dads:  Don't read until after Father's Day!!

This past week, we helped the girls make candles and cards for gifts for their dad's.  We started by making these cute little cards.  Each girl picked their own pattern of paper and then I showed them step by step how to fold it.  Each one of them added their own unique touch:  a bow tie, buttons, a tie or a nametag.  Look at the green shirt below - the girlie who made it added a piece of real tissue in the pocket!  I love how creative these girls are!

Since we have a few days to spare till Father's Day, we also decorated bags for them to keep their gift in.

We made our own candles from scratch.  Not only did we make a handmade gift for the dads but we got to learn a new craft too.  Each girls picked out what color candle she wanted as well as the scent.   I found a scent which was a knockoff of the cologne "Cool Water."  Very manly smelling.  Some girls opted to go with more girlie scents like cinnamon bun or caramel apple.

We attached a cute label that said "A Scentimental gift, for a very special Dad"

Happy Father's Day to all the Special Dad's out there.