Sunday, February 12, 2012

Turtle Cake

I usually don't post my cakes and cookies over here because I don't do tutorials for them or anything.  All that stuff is posted on my other blog

My friend Lynette asked me if I could make a turtle shaped cake for a baby shower that she was co hosting for her sister.  "Sure" I said.  I'd never made a turtle cake before.

This is what I came up with:

I made the turtle's body by using a sports ball cake pan.  The head and legs were made with some cake that I just pressed together with a small amount of frosting (almost like making a cake pop)  The hat is a fondant covered ice cream cone.  I put the little guy on top of a buttercream frosted cake.

Crochet Hat

Due to several sickies in our house today, we didn't go to church so I had a few unexpected free hours on my hands.  I have been working on home improvement projects none stop, so I decided to do something creative with my time.  I have been seeing all these cute hats online and also on real peoples heads.

Ciara had a bunch of yarn laying around so I just stole borrowed some from her.

Not to bad for my first attempt.  I'm excited to try some different colors and patterns.  You know ....... in all my free time ;)