Monday, April 19, 2010

Easy Flower Headband

Spring has sprung in St Louis and my girlie is super excited to wear her spring dresses.  Sometimes she wears the craziest clothes.  Other times she becomes quite the fashionista and she wants the perfect accessory to go with her clothes.

She wanted a pink flower headband to go with the pink and black dress she planned on wearing for Easter.  I've seen this on a lot of different craft blogs made out of all sorts of things.  

I'm sure little explanation is needed here but here goes:  I used a store bought plain elastic headband (I think it was a Goody one).  I took two flowers in different shades of pink and a little pink button and simply sewed them on to the headband.  You can buy the flowers at most craft stores or scrapbook supply store.  I made a blue and brown one (my favorite color combo) for my younger daughter but she refused to stay still for a picture.  On that one I used one large and one small flower and I liked how that one looked better.  It seemed to add more contrast.  I think I will also try sewing some flowers on the elastic hair ties since my little one sometimes takes the headbands off.

Spring Flower Appreciation Cookies

The kids and I have been having a great time decorating sugar cookies and delivering them to our family and friends for the holidays.  We made green shamrock cookies for St Patricks day.  We made sheep, carrots, bunnies and sweet yellow chicks for Easter.

We delivered some cookies to my sweet friend Lynette and her family.  Lynette is a super mom to four children, great wife, attentive daughter, active in her church and a wonderful friend.  On top of her extremely busy life, she is also in school getting her degree to be a counselor - which means she has to spend many hours counseling students and clients as part of an internship.

She recently finished her internship, and wanted to give her coworkers a little token of appreciation so she asked me if I could make up some cute little flower cookies in some fun spring colors.

 I wish I had my sister in law's photography skills............. Alas, I do not.

I packaged them up individually in little cello bags and tied them with some bright ribbon.  Lynette made some adorable little stickers to add to the front of the bag.

 I also made some bite size little flowers with the scraps of dough.   
I thought they were really cute.  
So I bagged them up and gave them to Lynette as a little bonus.

Thanks for ordering the cookies from me Lynette!