Monday, July 2, 2012

Meal Planning

Wow - I haven't posted here for a while.  Things were crazy around here.  In a nutshell - a trip to Florida to buy a new house, an immediate family member diagnosed with cancer, the end of the school year, and packing two houses for moves to two different states!

Anyway, here we are in sunny Florida.  We are still getting used to the Southern way of life, but one thing I have quickly learned, is that groceries are very expensive here. There are only two major grocery store chains here.  They don't double coupons or have loyalty cards and such, like much of the rest of the country.

And the local grocery store is not that close - it"s a 15 minute drive one way.  Sam's Club is 30 minutes away.  (No more running over there for a cheap rotisserie chicken!)  So I guess my old system of running to the store and picking up whatever looks good is probably not going to work out real well anymore.

So I'm going to try meal planning.  I heard about this website called  For a small subscription fee, they provide you with a meal plan, that is planned around the sales at your local grocery store.  I have some pretty picky eaters in my household, so I don't expect all the suggested meals to work for us, although they are pretty family friendly.  But even the meals that won't necessarily work for us, prompted a meal idea or could be modified to work for us.  And there is usually one crock pot meal included for the week.

So here is our meal plan for this week July 2nd thru July 8th

Monday:  Sweet and Sour Pork with steamed Rice
Tuesday:  Sausage Simmer with Pasta
Wednesday:  Rosemary Chicken & Veggies (Crock Pot meal!)
Thursday:  Breakfast Frittata w/Crispy Bacon
Friday:  Hamburgers w/Steak Fries
Saturday:  Chicken Alfredo with Salad and Texas Toast
Sunday:  Crock Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Corn and Rolls

What's for dinner at your house?