Sunday, May 29, 2011

Easter Baskets and AOF Egg Hunt

April 19th, 2011
Mark off in Faith in God: Articles of Faith

The weather was not very cooperative tonight.  I was sure activities would be cancelled for the night, but they were not.  We had really severe weather warnings and I tried to call the girls and cancel last minute, but could not get a hold of everyone, so we set off for the church.  It hailed almost all the way there.

I was quite surprised how many girls eventually showed up to the church, so even though we started a little late, we went ahead with a lesson.

To start off, we prepared these baskets:

For our next part of the activity, I had two sets of 26 plastic eggs.  I cut up the 13 articles of faith and stuffed them into the eggs along with a piece of candy.  My original plan was to have an Egg Hunt, but the tornado sirens kept going off.  We ended up just dividing into two teams in the hallway.  

Each team took a set of eggs, they split the candy between their team and then had to put the Articles of Faith back together.

 When we had about 10 mins left, I gave them a printed list of the Articles of Faith to help them along a little.  Once we had them all put together, each team took turns reciting them in order.