Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mother's Day "Sundaes"

May 3rd, 2011 Activity
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Tonight was Activity Girls and it was actually my Co-Leaders turn to plan the activity but she called me this morning and said she had Pneumonia.  To top it off, my day was already busy baking treats for some of my kids teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Eek! 

Thankfully I had seen this cute idea for a Mother's Day gift a couple of weeks ago.

I found the bath salts and the scrubby sponges at the dollar store.  The bath salts were a dollar a jar, and each jar made two sundaes. The scrubby's were two for a dollar and came in white and purple.  While at the dollar store I also found some razor's that had cute twirly round handles that kind of looked like straws or maybe the handle of a spoon, and they were five for a dollar.

Next door to the dollar store is a Baskin Robbins and little Ella insisted we stop in for some Cotton Candy ice cream.  While we were in there, I asked if I could buy some of their sundae cups.  They were only 25 cents apiece and saved me having to hunt for them elsewhere.   (I might have indulged in a scoop of ice cream while I was there.  It might have come in a waffle cone.)

The only thing I still needed was something for the "cherry on top."  I thought about using tiny little red tea light candles but they were kind of expensive.  I looked for some red candy but couldn't find anything appealing.  While standing in line at the checkout stand at my grocery store, I saw some Ferrero Roche Chocolates and thought that would make a cute topper.

The rest of the stuff, paper to make the little sundae cards, glue sticks, etc I already had in my scrapbooking stash.

The girls and I had a great time making these cute little gifts.  Because it's Teacher Appreciation Week some of the girls opted to make them for their teachers instead which I thought was a great idea.  We put them in brown paper lunch sacks and tied on the handmade sundae card with some colorful ribbon.  They almost looked good enough to eat!


Angel said... Best Blogger Tips

that is super cute!

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What a cute and clever idea.