Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It only took thee years and three days!!!

About three and a half years ago, this little fella was born:

A little while later, I bought this fabric:

 (Yikes!  Ignore those wrinkles in the picture!!)

You see, I was super excited to finally become an aunt.  Both my sisters had been aunts for years and I was the only one who wasn't an auntie.  My husband had some nieces and nephews but I was just couldn't wait for my sister's son to be born.  So when she decided to decorate his room in the Disney Cars Theme I thought, you know, being the cool aunt that I am and all, that I would make him a blankie.  Donovan LOVES blankies.  So I started to make him one - no big deal, made a ton of them before, I'll just whip one right up.  The cars cotton fabric for the front, some blue fleece for the back and I cut some strips to make a cute little gathered ruffle.  I pinned the whole thing and decided the ruffle looked too girlie.  I kept trying to "boy" it up a little and couldn't decide what to do, so I threw it in the closet and left it there for three years.  Phew!  Problem solved!!

Fast Forward a couple of years and I decided to clean out said closet.  Donovan still loves his blankies and still loves the movie Cars so I decided its time to finish this darn blanket.  I added some checkered flag fabric for a border, left off the ruffle completely and swapped the blue fleece backing for red fleece for a little contrast.  Then I top stitched it around the checkered flag border.

Since my dad was traveling to my sister's for a visit, it was good motivation to just get it done so I could send it with him.  But my sister has had two daughters since then and guess what?  They like blankies too!  So I couldn't send one for Donovan and not for them.  So I made a quick run to Hancock's and found some Tinkerbell and some Disney Princess Material  and over the next two days made two more blankets for the girls.

For Princess Meagan:
(This fabric is really cute - the princess dresses have sparkles on them!)

And for sweet little Mackenzie

So it only took my about three years (and three days) but now all three of them have a 
blankie from their aunt Clair!


The Mylers said... Best Blogger Tips

Clair, they look awesome! Excellent choice on the fabric...I LOVE it!

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

I want a princess sparkle blanket to fit a twin sized bed. How much?