Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Girls!

Although I had the best of intentions to plan ahead this year, my daughter's birthday party still managed to sneak up on me.  At least I managed to get the invites out thanks to this cool website called Paperless Post.

It's like a fancier version of evite.  Your card even includes an envelope

The website allows you to track who has opened the invites, who has replied and send reminders to your guests.

My sweet baby girl turned 5.  We also STILL needed to celebrate my other daughter's birthday.  She turned 9 back in May.  Her birthday always coincides with the end of the school year which makes picking a party date really difficult.

Due to a minor surgery the hubs had to have, I decided to have the party at Pump It Up.  And let me tell you it was money well spent!  No mess in my house and the kids LOVED it.

 I took the little one over to a party supply store and she picked out some favors for goody bags.  I think she did a pretty good job.

For the girls:  Journal, mini paint set, mini rubix cube, mini frisbee, pencil top eraser, a package of candy, some tattoo's and some of our favorite jello flavored popcorn.

For the boys:  Same as above but instead of the journal, 
they got some cute cards with animals on them.

 We made some jello flavored popcorn for the gift bags with a little tag that said "Thanks for poppin' in."  The popcorn was supposed to be pink and purple to match our color scheme.  It ended up being red and I'm not sure what you would call the second color.   We didn't have time to re-do it and it still tasted yummy.
  Free printable Bag Tag found here

We also planned to include these in the goody bags.   However due to the fact that we made them last minute, and that it's hotter than Haides here and we didn't have any room in the fridge, they didn't dry in time for us to bag them up.  

 Giant marshmallows dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles.  
Can you say Sugar Rush?

And of course we had to have cupcakes.  My bad photography makes these look they have chocolate frosting on them but the cupcakes themselves were half chocolate, half vanilla and topped with a light pink or deep purple Buttercream frosting.  Both sets of cupcake liners came from Michaels. 

 Even though I had very little to do for this party, and not all of it came out perfect, the kids had a great time.   And in the end, I guess that's all that matters!


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