Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tea Towel Wedding Gift

A while ago, I saw the most adorable tutorial on Aly & Ash for a Mother's Day Tea Towel Cake.  I thought it was really cute, but both my mother and mother-in-law have well established kitchens so I didn't really have any use for it at the time but I loved it, so I book-marked it.

This past weekend my hubby and I attended the wedding reception of one of his coworkers.   I just love weddings and they were the cutest couple.

By the time I finally took a peek at the registry to buy them a gift, most of the stuff they registered for, had already been purchased.  Left on the list were were various kitchen utensils, dish towels etc.  While I love that kind of stuff, and know that it's a necessity for a new kitchen, opening a box full of wooden spoons and dish towels is kind of boring!  Thankfully I remembered Aly & Ash's cute tutorial that took dish towels and made them look like a tiered wedding cake.

You can check out the link above to Aly & Ash if you would like to follow their tutorial.  I just winged it.  I actually used a 9" round cake pan as the base and wrapped in some ribbon.  I used some double stick tape to adhere the ribbon and added the bow.  If you want to see how I make the bow, click here.  I used some construction paper to anchor the towels and cut them in different heights to make the two different "layers"  Once again I didn't use any particular measurements - just eyeballed it and adjusted it till I thought it looked good. 

For the third "layer"  I folded two towels accordian style.  The same way you would make a paper fan.  Then I folded them in half and stuffed them into the second layer.  Fluff them up a little until they look the way you want them to.  Then I just added in the utensils.  (I used tongs, whisk, zester, three pastry brushes, wooden spoon)

Thanks Aly & Ash for the tutorial.  And congrats to the beautiful bride Jen and her handsome groom Paul!!


CraftyMummy said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea! Much nicer than just a parcel of kitchen bits!

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute!

Terrell said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh this is just the cutest and best idea!!! Love how it looks and who couldn't use every piece in there! So Smart! I am happy to be your newest follower and would love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! Be sure to link up your sweet creations at my weekly party, Fabulous Friday Finds! Hope to see you there!
~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

Beth said... Best Blogger Tips

Very neat, it's always nice to see some cute wedding gifts.

lyssa said... Best Blogger Tips

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