Saturday, December 12, 2009

Making a Bow out of Wired Ribbon

My Mother-In-Law always says I am the most awesomest gift wrapper ever.  (She better not look under the tree this year!)  Anyway, I always feel a lot of pressure to make her present the best wrapped of the bunch.  Not that she's the kind of person that would disown you or anything if her present didn't look perfect, but this is a woman who like to unwrap a present.  While my clan is ripping the paper as quickly as possible to reveal the present, she gently lifts the tape so that she can preserve the paper.  (Maybe she has a giant ball of wrapping paper in her basement cause I've never seen her reuse the paper?!) can buy some fancy gizmos at the craft store that will help you make a perfect bow, or you can do what I do and just grab any old CD or Book laying around.  You can use these bows for gift baskets, wreaths or of course presents which is what I am showing you here today.

I wrapped the present with this really cute foil wrapping paper from Hallmark (which I bought at Sam's Club)

Even though they say you shouldn't be all matchy matchy these days, I found a matching wired ribbon.  The dots were just too cute for me to resist and it was a great price so I bought it.  I tied the ribbon around the box like so, and secured it with a small piece of tape.

3.  I cut a big length of ribbon.  I'm going to guess about 4 1/2 feet since it was a little shorter than I am.*Sigh*  Than I grabbed the nearest CD.  (It happened to be my husband's:  The Who)  Tightly wrap the ribbon around the CD (or book, piece of cardboard...whatever you have handy) 

4.  Slide the ribbon off.  Keep it even and don't let it unravel.

5.  With a sharp pair of scissors cut the corners of.  All four of them. ( I know at this point you think you have ruined 4.5 feet or ribbon, but trust me this will work!)


6.  Next, and hopefully this will make sense, while keeping the ribbon in a loop, bring all the cut corners to the center.

Now if you want to make a bow for a wreath, a gift basket or such, you can tie the center with a small matching piece of ribbon or a piece of decorator's wire.  I am simply just going to attach it to the present I already wrapped.

Now it's time to fluff it all up into a poofy bow.  Starting on one side pull out a loop from the bottom then one from the top.  (I had five loops per side)  Then do the same thing on the other side.  The reason I love wired ribbon is because you can really manipulate it to the shape you want.


For the finishing touch, we just need to make the tails of the ribbon look pretty.  You can make these as long or as short as you like.  Fold the ribbon in half lengthwise:

Cut at a 45 degree angle:

Perfectly wrapped to give to your mother in law to patiently unwrap.

Love ya Mari!

Sorry my pictures aren't so great.  I'm not that great a photographer to begin with and I was hiding out in my bedroom while wrapping gifts.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This was so easy! I've struggled every year making a proper bow for my wreath! Thank you for such clear directions!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Not the best idea for wired ribbon.