Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Number One Room Mom!

This actually isn't one of my creations, but is such a cute idea, I definitely plan on stealing borrowing the concept.   

I love being able to help out in my kids classes at school.  Especially since each one of my kids has an awesome teacher.

Riley's teacher Mrs O. is incredible!  We just love her.   She also happened to be his 5th grade teacher and she and the entire class moved up to 6th grade together.  Did I mention she was teacher of the year in our district last year?  She is such a fun teacher but firm at the same time. 

About two weeks before Christmas, I stuck my head into her classroom for some reason, and she said she had a gift for me, but just couldn't hold on to it until Christmas.  And she gave me this cute little thing:

Is this not the cutest little gift ever?  The red thing is a actually a pot holder/oven mitt.  Inside the pastry bag is sugar cookie mix and of course there is the spatula and some sprinkles.  Tied into the ribbon is a cookie cutter.  Mrs. O. knows that I love to make cookies and I love how personalized this gift is to my taste.   And I feel like I won an award: "#1 Room Mom!" 

I actually did steal, I mean utilize, this idea for my sister for Christmas.  She loves Lemon Bars and asked if I would make her some since she is in town for the holidays this year.  I made her some of course, but I also found a cute yellow mixing bowl, a yellow oven mitt, yellow spatula, yellow measuring cups and a whisk.  I put all the dry ingredients into two disposable pastry bags and included the recipe on a laminated card.  I arranged everything in the bowl and filled the empty space with fresh lemons.  The possibilities really are endless if you would like to make a custom little kitchen gift.

So thanks Mrs O.  We love you!