Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ciara's Creations - Chocolate Cupcakes

Ciara loves going to Activity Girls!  She was especially looking forward to today because her teacher had a pool party planned.  The party was actually meant for the girls and their families but there were a few glitches when it came to Ciara's family attending.  Mom has a wicked kidney infection - yuck.  Simply being upright does not feel great right now.  Dad gets home a little late in the evening and worked from home yesterday to help care for the ailing mom, so ducking out of work early just wasn't going to happen today.  Thankfully several of our good friends offered to take her along with their own daughters.
I suggested to Ciara we make Brownies.  You know, the kind out of a box.  Dump in a bowl, eggs, oil, water, stir, dump in a pan, bake.  No fuss, and the best part, very little energy expended on my part.  But no.....Ciara wanted cupcakes today.  She wanted to decorate them for her friends.  Because she was disapointed that we weren't going to the party, I decided to go ahead and help her make the cupcakes.

 I helped her make little tags, and of course she had to put sprinkles on top!

The cupcakes are cute, but they have nothing on that cute face!


Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

Those look so yummy!