Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

Of course as I write this, because I have been slow with the updates, school has already ended for summer.

The week of May 3rd was Teacher Appreciation Week.  Several years ago, I found out that nothing was being done for the teachers.  Well the Jordan kids were not going to stand for that.  So we started baking.  First it was just for the actual teacher of their grade.  Then of course we had to include the PE teacher, the music teacher, the gym teacher, the librarian, the art teacher, their teachers from previous years, the.....you get the picture.   We ended up making bags and bags of cookies!  And for some reason, when we do anything like this, my kids think its a tradition and we have to do it every year.

We started with the gifted program that they attend once a day.  I think we made 18 bags of cookies.  I got to go up there and have lunch with kids while they ran around delivering cookies to all the teachers and staff.  We had a blast!

Next was Ella's preschool - a much smaller group to bake for!

Last but not least, was Riley and Ciara's elementary school.  I think we made 25 bags for them.

We have been soo blessed to have the most amazing teachers.  Each one of them has become like a member of our family and I am so thankful for the love and care they have shown to each of our children.  Ms Becky, Ms D, and Ms O - Thanks a million, we love you!