Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mini Office Space

I have an Office in our basement.  It has proper desks and office chairs and what not.  However, I find myself working upstairs a lot right out of the kitchen.  I'm a multi tasker you see, you can often find me monitoring something in the oven while on my laptop and chatting with my three year old while she plays playdough.

I use a small counter space in the kitchen as my mini office.  It can often become a catchall and look kinda messy.  The wall was also wallpapered.  In the rest of the kitchen I had put up tile but the tile didn't seem right for this area.

This is what it looked like:

As you can see it was a mess.  Wires running everywhere from routers and modems and phone lines.  I am a post it freak and I would just stick them to the wall.

During a quick trip to Michaels Craft Store, I found some Contact Brand Cork Paper.   It came on a roll and has a self adhesive backing.  Love the self adhesive part and it looked like it would be thin enough for me to cut without much hassle.  In fact I was able to cut it with my rotary fabric cutter.  

First I meausured and cut the main rectangular shape.  Then I measured the cut outs for the phone jack and outlets.  Then I simply pulled off the paper backing and pressed it to the wall.  An instant cork wall!

Not only does my mini office look so much better, but this is my kind of project.  The kind where you get instant gratification.  (Did I mention I'm not a patient person?)


Blake Mitchell said... Best Blogger Tips

That's exactly how my mini office looks like! We don't have enough to put up a nicer office, so we just decided to set 'em up in the kitchen. How I wish I could have a bigger and nicer office...